About Joshua Kaufman the Lawyer

In my law practice I have always catered to the creative and innovative. Creativity and innovation take many forms and are found in a wide variety of pursuits. I have also tried to have my avocations become the core of my vocation. I was an art and drama major, always loved current events and was an early computer user. So - using technology I have developed an international law practice which deals in computers, the web, e-commerce, art, entertainment, anti-counterfeiting, publishing and the media.

While the creative and innovative fields may vary the law that applies to them is similar. Copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, licensing, certain aspects of tax law, anti-counterfeiting, creating business entities all play important roles in the lives of the creative individual or businesses that market or purchase the products of the creative and innovative.

Fine and commercial artists, performers, writers, computer programmers, web designers, photographers, galleries, publishers, media companies, licensing or other agents, on line service providers, dot coms and regular entities who have IP issues all need attorneys who understand their very unique needs both personal and of their special businesses.

Contract negotiations? I provide advice and guidance. Want to negotiate yourself? I will provide backup support. Think it would be best if I handle the negotiations? No problem. Whatever suits my clients’ need is fine with me.

Litigation? I am there to fight your battles with you. I have successfully argued cases in courts throughout the USA. I have dozens of reported cases including mediations, arbitrations, trial and appellate work and the landmark copyright case, CCNV v. Reid, which I successfully argued before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Have a regular attorney you like? Great! I frequently work with my clients’ existing attorney. They take care of the matters in which they are experienced and I handle only those matters that need my expertise.

I have been in a number of law firms - small, medium and large- from an associate to managing partner- I have learned one thing - I am in a service business. It is my job to listen to my clients, learn from them and to provide excellent, timely advice and services. I have an AV rating Preeminent, the highest and most prestigious rating any lawyer can have.

I am currently a partner in a 600 lawyer firm, Venable, LLP. I am the head of the firm’s, Copyright and Licensing Practice. The firm provides a complete range of legal services. So if the issue is not in my area of expertise I have access to the right expert in that field I am also General Counsel to the, Art Copyright Coalition, an international consortium of artists, art publishers, agent and licensee who have banded together to fight copyright infringement of artworks.

While I am based in Washington, DC, near the copyright and trademark offices, my practice is international in scope. The firm has offices in Washington, DC, New York, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Rockville, MD, Towson, MD and Tysons, VA and in order to serve our far flung client base we have established relationships with law firms throughout the world. In this way I can serve our clients’ needs wherever they arise.

Have an art, entertainment, computer, Internet, e-commerce, copyright, trademark, counterfeiting, licensing, IP or media law problem.

Use an attorney who already knows the field!

I look forward to working for and helping you in any manner I can. Please feel free to call, fax or e-mail for more information. Don’t miss the 60+ downloadable articles of mine found on the site.

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